Chiffrô game rules

For those who want more options concerning the freely accessible rulebook for the Game of Chiffrô, you can now also access it from the Internet Archives: There, you will be able to download it in a variety of formats, such as for e-readers, etc.


Chiffrô is out of the shop!

NOPLUG’s first production, Chiffrô, is now available for purchase at the Game Crafter store front. This game has been almost two years in the making, from the initial idea to the playtesting.

Slide66The game of Chiffrô is a mathematical game based on a unique card design. In Chiffrô, you compete against other players in a game that involves puzzle solving, strategic positioning, area control, and a healthy dose of randomness.

This is a game that will stimulate your competitive instincts. The simple rules but rich game environment of Chiffrô means that both casual and dedicated players can enjoy playing the Game.

Whether you are playing with friends and family, or in competitive tournaments, you will have fun trying to win at Chiffrô. Now is the time to become a Chiffrô player and start developing your tactics!

Check it out HERE.

Also, you can download the game rules for free.

Hello World!

First of all, welcome to NOPLUG! This site is where I, Daniel, Will share development news and retrospectives about my adventures in analog game design, in addition to sharing some opinions on the topic. For additional information on NOPLUG, check the “about this rig” page.

Now for some news… In fact, I had decided to delay the development of this blog to make it coincide with the release of the very first NOPLUG product. That time has arrived, after almost two years of on and off development!

Expect some news soon, real soon, in addition to retrospective posts documenting the development of this first foray into the exciting hobby of game design!