Chiffrô news and improvements from The Game Crafter

Here is some news about Chiffrô. The game was published and available for purchase on The Game Crafter, and we recently received copies of the officially published version of the game to confirm that the ordering and the product is as it should. While there is a waiting period for any order placed through this service, such a thing is expected from a print-on-demand service and we received the ordered copies without problem.

The copies we received were flawless, and there is also great news to be had. The Game Crafter now makes game boxes that have a glossy finish. This protection is great for Chiffrô’s white box design.

There are other exciting developments that The Game Crafter announced to the community lately. They now offer linen finish for  cards, boxes, and game boards, and also UV protective coating for game components. The game of Chiffrô will now come with these improvements.

Don’t hold-up and go get your improved copy of Chiffrô right HERE!